The Yoruba Nation Awareness Project

We must all admit that so little can be done without adequate funding. Money gives answers to many things. Our cause to help provide awareness to Yoruba Nation is no exception.

Creating awareness, drawing publicity to the activities of this organization, as well as collaborating with a coalition of other well-meaning Yoruba-inclined Organizations require a great deal of financial clout, and lots of commitment from all Yoruba people, home and abroad.

To get our message out to the public, the Yoruba community in diaspora must take a lead. Funds must be “pooled” in through diverse crowdfunding avenues, including corporate and private donations. While we expect the repressive government to attempt to block sources of funds to the Yoruba Nation agenda, we believe stakeholders must also be innovative in the ways we raise funds for the actualization of the Yoruba Nation self-determination.

Some good men and women have risked their lives and freedoms in Nigeria and across the world to provide voice for the voiceless, and hope for the hopeless, they have been taking the leads in voicing the heinous crimes of Fulani Herdsmen barbaric attacks across Nigeria, and especially in Yoruba Land. It is for this reason that every right-thinking Yoruba man and woman must also rally around and lend their time and monies in support of this noble cause.

Through this project, Yoruba United will be collaborating with notable Activists and Advocates in Nigeria to further create awareness, spread a uniformed message that is productive, impactful, and strategic.

The ways to get this done are inexhaustive, but here are some highlights:
  1. Organize Townhall Meetings in different Towns and Kingdoms in Yoruba Land
  2. Lend Support to the Yoruba Nation Self-Determination Rallies and Peaceful Protests
  3. Provide Moral and Financial Support to Notable Yoruba Nation Activists and Advocates
  4. Strategic Engagement with the United Nations and the Diplomatic Community
  5. Multimedia and Social Media Awareness Campaign
  6. Seminars and Symposium for Youths of Yoruba Land
  7. Appoint Project Ambassadors to Spread the Word and Works of this Project

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