The Yoruba Land Security Project

With countless horrific stories of Fulani Herdsmen terrorizing people across Nigeria, entering from one town, coming out in another, as they journey through the country from outside Nigeria and into Nigeria, from the North, to the Southwest of Nigeria, many people have been raped, maimed, macheted, kidnapped, gruesomely killed like animals by barbaric Fulani Herdsmen who carry AK47 around on one hand, and machete on the other as they match through with their cows, eating through people’s farmlands as if the crops were roadside weeds, destroying years of hard work and leaving farmers in utter shock, pain, penury, and helplessness.

The other shock is that, neither the State Govt nor the Federal Govt of Nigeria has offered any support or help whatsoever to these affected farmers as at the time of this writing.

Since 2015, when the current President Muhammadu Buhari administration was sworn into office, as the President of Nigeria, the country, and more specifically, the people of Yorubaland, have been visited and targeted with higher level of Fulani Herdsmen attacks, insecurity, armed robbery, and violence, such that have never been seen before, and at such magnitude that cannot be imagined in any civil society. This is a BIG problem, and we find it totally repulsive and unacceptable! We say, enough is enough!!

We have, therefore, initiated this project to create awareness, empower Yoruba youths, and encourage them to take ownership over their own safety, security, and the welfare of all well-meaning people in Yorubaland.

The youths already clearly understand the incredible existential threats that these Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists pose and worsened by the loud silence of their accomplices in the corridors of power in Nigerian govts.

Join us as we bring this to reality.

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