The Agbekoya Support Project

From 1968 to 1969, “the Agbekoya Parapo Revolt, popularly known as Agbekoya or the Egbe Agbekoya Revolt, was a peasant revolt in Nigeria's former Western region, home to the majority of the country's Yoruba population. The war was fought and won against the Federal government of Nigeria by the Ibadan people of present-day Oyo State, on behalf of all Yoruba Land.

It was spearheaded by two villages in Ibadan: the Akaran and the Akufo villages. It is the most well-known peasant-driven political revolt in western Nigerian history, and continues to be referenced by grassroots organizations as a successful example of collective action against unpopular government policies. The revolt was predominantly aimed at agitating for a reduction in taxes, though some believed there were also political catalysts.” - Wikipedia

The Yoruba United nonprofit organization plans to advocate for the human rights of many people of Yoruba descent through this unique organization and people, called Agbekoya.

This project shall be an avenue to further provide support Displaced Farmers and their families in Yorubaland. Our support will encourage many more to come together, create a co-operative society, and through this COOP, deliver empowerment initiatives, such as vocational education, farmers trainings, economic empowerment programs, and traditional empowerment program to preserve lives and properties in Yoruba land.

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