We are Yoruba United

Yoruba United, also known as Yoruba United Worldwide, Inc. USA, is a nonprofit organization, with a 501(c)4 classification under the Internal Revenue Code of the IRS. It is a socio-political and economic advocacy organization for all Oodua/Yoruba people, home and abroad, as well as Yoruba land in particular! A people with a population of over one hundred and fifty million dispersed all over the world. Our homeland is located within seven degrees north of the equator. Oodua, Oduduwa, or Yoruba is a collection of kingdoms with a population forcibly merged by an Act of Amalgamation under the British colonial government. As of the 1963 Census, the population of Oodua people was more than 11.5 million heads of households, and their unmarried children. Today that number is more than 150 million people that have been forcibly merged into a union with two other major tribes of peoples with whom it has nothing in common, in terms of language, culture, values, and traditional compatibilities. One of the other two major tribes, is called the Ndigbo (Igbo) people, are also clamoring for their separation from the expired country of Nigeria. The agitation of the Ibo people is a testimony to the fact that Nigeria is a failed State, and as a people, the Yoruba Nation, is not a population of disgruntled people, but of kingdoms that wish to exercise the rights to self-determination for a sovereign State. Our merger with other tribes created the country of Nigeria on January 1, 1914. Ever since the creation of Nigeria, our people have been made to undergo hardships, unfairly dominated, marginalized, and denied freedom. In addition, the Yoruba People need their freedom to live in peace, the liberty to be whatever they so desire to be, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to serve as a socio-political and economic action group for all Yoruba people, home and abroad! Yoruba United is organized exclusively as a Nonprofit Corporation.

Our Mission

Our mission as a socio-political and economic advocacy group is to push for the betterment of the Yorubaland and the Yoruba People, home and abroad.

Our Purposes

To promote the common good and general welfare of the Yoruba people and their communities worldwide.

To support initiatives that bring about civic betterment, safety, and social improvements of
the Yoruba Nation

To engage in social-political economic educational initiatives for the progress of Yoruba people worldwide.

Security and Welfare

The purpose for creating the Yoruba United Organization, as set forth in our articles of formation, includes, but not limited to the followings: (1) advocating for self-preservation of the Yoruba people; advocating to preserve lives and properties of all peoples on our ancestral base; (3) promoting the welfare of our people; (5) and reviving the cultural heritage and value systems that bring us together as one united people of Yoruba descent.

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