We are Yoruba United

Yoruba United Worldwide, Inc. USA, also known as ``YORUBA UNITED`` for short, is a nonprofit 501(c)4 advocacy group based in Texas-USA. We focus on the empowerment and freedom of our people, the Yoruba/Oodua race, home and abroad. The Yoruba/Oodua people have a population of over one hundred and fifty million dispersed all over the world. Our homeland is located within seven degrees north of the equator. A population of people fraudulently and forcibly merged by an Act of Amalgamation under the British colonial government. The population consists of more than 11.5 million heads of households and their unmarried children as of the 1963 Census of Nigeria. Today, that population has grown considerably to more than 150 million people worldwide. One of the other two major tribes with which we were merged are the Ndigbo people, who are also clamoring for their separation from the expired country of Nigeria.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to serve as a socio-political and economic action group for all Yoruba people, home and abroad! Yoruba United is organized exclusively as a Nonprofit Corporation

Our Mission

Our mission as a socio-political and economic advocacy group is to push for the betterment of Yorubaland and Yoruba People, home and abroad.

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Security & Welfare

Our BIG WHY at ``Yoruba United Worldwide, Inc. USA,`` or ``YORUBA UNITED`` for short, as set forth in our articles of formation, includes, but not limited to the followings: (1) advocate for self-preservation and self-determination; (2) empower people of Yoruba/Oodua descent worldwide; (3) promote security and safety of all people on the Yoruba/Oodua ancestral land; (4) promote the welfare of our people; (4) promote peaceful coexistence of all peoples; and (5) revive the beautiful Oodua/Yoruba cultural heritage and value system for the common good of a united people.

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